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Local actions matter in Oregon health care (Opinion)

12/18/2016|The Oregonian|by Janet Meyer

"We have a strong program in Oregon. It's a true private/public solution getting real results"

Health Reform is Working in Oregon (Opinion)

12/8/2016|U.S. News & World Report|by Lynne Saxton

While the early results of Oregon's health transformation are promising, the state still has the ambitious goals to provide better health results and improve health care access while continuing to drive down cost. Health transformation is working in Oregon, and it is because we embraced change and innovation.

Governor's budget taps Oregon hospitals, insurers and CCO's to help plug shortfall

12/7/2016|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

Janet Meyer, CEO of Portland based Health Share of Oregon, said the governor's budget carries a "bold vision", in that it maintains enrollment and benefits and expands coverage for kids.

Health Share, FamilyCare Members Report Upbeat Views of Care

12/07/2016|The Lund Report|by Courtney Sherwood

Members of the Portland area's major coordinated care organizations, Health Share of Oregon and FamilyCare, are generally happy with the treatment they receive from doctors and other providers on their plans. They feel respected by their physicians and by health plan customer service.

Portland agencies come up with new model for opioid treatment

11/1/2016|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

Health Share of Oregon, the largest Coordinated Care organization, is spearheading a new opioid treatment model and providing $1.6 million to help make it happen.

Here's how Oregon Medicaid providers saved the system $240M

10/18/2016|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

The Oregon Health Authority released a study from Portland State University researchers highlighting the savings to the state's health care system from the PCPCH program. The report found the estimated total savings was $240 million between 2012 and 2014.

Mark Lovgren Explains Project ECHO's Telementoring Program

9/14/2016|American Journal of Managed Care|by AJMC

How Project ECHO helps specialists share knowledge with primary care providers.

Why This CCO Makes K-Readiness a Priority

08/15/2016|Children's Institute|by Claire Burdick

Peg King leads Health Share of Oregon’s kindergarten readiness programming. Health Share is the largest Coordinated Care Organization in Oregon, serving approximately 25 percent of the state’s Medicaid patients. It is also one of the most innovative. We talked to King about state health care transformation, Health Share’s commitment to children’s early years, and its burgeoning partnership with Earl Boyles Elementary School in Southeast Portland. We also learned a little bit of Swahili along the way.

Dr. Maggie Bennington-Davis testified before Senate Finance Committee

5/2/2016|The Lund Report|by Dr. David Pollack

Guest Opinion by Dr. David Pollack

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Portland CCOs beef up transportation assistance to get members to appointments

11/14/14|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

For some people, the biggest barrier to health care is simply lack of transportation.

ER trips test new ride

10/30/14|Portland Tribune|by Steve Law

When a medical call comes in to Portland’s 911 center, dispatchers routinely send a city fire crew and then an ambulance to drive the caller to a hospital emergency room.

Checking up on Oregon's CCOs

2/4/14|OPB|by N/A

Audio file

Oregon’s Medicaid experiment keeps patients out of ER

2/4/14|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations continued to show progress in decreasing emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalization, while increasing primary care use, according to a report released today.

Oregon CCOs get flood of new enrollees. Can they handle it?

1/16/14|Portland Business Journal|by Dennis Thompson

Oregon’s coordinated care organizations may have gotten more than they bargained for, according to new enrollment numbers provided to state legislators.

Cover story: Foot soldiers of health reform

1/10/14|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

Shirley Wallachy sits at a table outside the Starbucks on Northwest 21st Avenue in Portland, drinking coffee and giving Curtis Peterson a rundown of what’s going on in her life. They discuss her Thanksgiving plans and then she shows him a rash on her arm that looks to be infected. “We’ll get you set up for a nurse’s visit at the clinic, if you’re open to that,” Peterson assures her.

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Mother’s milk: momentum gains in helping low-income mothers breastfeed their children

12/20/13|Street Roots|by Jasmine Rockrow

Despite being one of the wealthiest nations in the world, the United States is one of the sickest. Obesity is one of the fastest growing chronic conditions both globally and nationally, affecting 15 percent of American adults and 18 percent of American children, according to the Centers for Disease Control. It’s a contributing cause to other serious diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. And these diseases are killing people at an ever escalating rate. The World Health Organization predicts that diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death worldwide by 2030.

Oregon’s largest CCO prepares for integrating Dental Care

12/02/13|State of Reform|by Amanda Waldroupe

Oregon’s coordinated care organizations have until next summer to integrate dental care, and Health Share of Oregon, which serves the Portland metropolitan area and the largest number of patients (approximately 165,000), is expecting to have dental care integrated by January 1.

Health care expansion worth smiling about

11/4/13|Street Roots|by Jasmine Rockow

Oregon’s new health networks are partnering with dental programs to bring better oral care to low-income families

Add it up: Health Share looks at ways to merge health care and affordable housing

7/30/13|Street Roots|by Amanda Waldroupe

There’s a lot of money — and lives — resting on Oregon’s grand experiment in restructuring health care through Medicaid. Portland metropolitan area’s largest coordinated care organization, Health Share of Oregon, like others across the state, have a mandate to serve more, serve better, and do so with less.

Health reform will bring insurance to Oregon’s homeless

7/26/13|OPB|by Kristian Foden-Vencil

When the Affordable Care Act goes into effect in January, most of Oregon’s homeless people will have health insurance. That means they’ll have access to drug and alcohol treatment, regular doctor visits and counseling. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports.

Coordinated Care groups sink teeth into more providers

7/18/13|Portland Business Journal|by Elizabeth Hayes

Another piece of the health care puzzle is starting to become blended into Coordinated Care Organizations. It’s something that’s vital to one’s overall health: dental care.

How Oregon is getting “frequent fliers” out of the ER

7/10/13|NPR|by Kristian Foden-Vencil

Oregon's health care experiment allows Pearlstein to help Seals and other patients much as a family member might. She helped him schedule doctor appointments and went with him to make sure he understood what he had to do. She also helped him get dialysis and take his medications correctly.

Oregon health reforms start up in Portland area with new ideas, urgency

7/1/13|The Oregonian|by Nick Budnik

On a recent Tuesday in a Providence clinic in the Laurelhurst neighborhood, Corey Whitcomb and three other soon-to-be mothers sit in a circle and hold ice cubes in their hand, an exercise in managing the pain of childbirth.

Program aims to keep patients out of hospital after release

6/24/13|OPB|by Kristian Foden-Vencil

If you’ve ever been to the hospital, you know it can be tough to get home and then follow all the various new drug regimens or wound care instructions.

New information system links former Oregon Health Plan competitors

5/24/13|The Oregonian|by Nick Budnik

Health Share of Oregon, a collaborative of local providers, health plans and agencies serving Oregon Health Plan members, will soon switch on a new information-sharing system for its providers allowing them to check patient's eligibility and related information.

How Oregon health reform got “frequent flyer” out of ER

5/17/13|OPB|by Kristian Foden-Vencil

Oregon’s health care experiment with Coordinated Care Organizations has been running for about nine months now.

Oregon leading the way on implementation of Affordable Care Act

5/16/13|NPR|by N/A

Just a couple of years ago, the health care budget situation in Oregon was bleak. Oregon was facing a $2 billion deficit in its Medicaid program. The Obama administration cut a deal with Oregon to bail them out, but Oregon had to keep its Medicaid spending growth rate 2 percent lower than the rest of the country.

A defining moment in Oregon health care

5/3/13|Portland Business Journal|by Ben Jacklet

Everyone, it seems, is discussing health reform. Now comes the tricky part: moving from talk to action.

In the trenches: Outreach workers key to reform

5/3/13|Portland Business Journal|by Robert Goldfield

What happens when a diabetic can’t afford quality food, or much food at all? Among other things, repeat trips to the emergency room for blood sugar disorders.

Experiment in Oregon gives Medicaid very local roots

4/13/13|New York Times|by Kirk Johnson

Some say America has been homogenized, a chain-store nation bereft of regional distinction in dialect or dinner. But now this state, at the pioneer’s end of the road, is testing the idea that local community difference is alive and well, and that grass-roots leadership holds the key to fixing health care in America.

Oregon’s new CCOs should take aim at obesity as the top prevention effort

1/21/13|The Oregonian|by The Oregonian Editorial Board

The discovery was startling if not definitive: High fructose corn syrup consumed at high dosages was found to mislead a person into feeling he or she was not quite full, inviting further indulgence of the kind associated with supersized sodas and, eventually, supersized waistlines.

Can Oregon save American health care?

1/18/13|Washington Post|by Sarah Kliff

In 2011, Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber faced a vexing problem: The state had a $2 billion hole in its Medicaid budget and no good way to fill it.

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People on Medicaid struggle with mental health, substance abuse problems

11/08/12|The Lund Report|by Christen McCurdy

Health Share of Oregon board members rely on their prior experiences to help bridge the gap between physical and mental health

Preparing for new cost-saving, health-enhancing workers on the care team

10/16/12|The Lund Report|by Kyna Rubin

While waiting for specific training and certification requirements from OHA, providers are making plans to hire and train the non-traditional health care workers Oregon law is bringing into the system to improve care and lower costs

A federal official lauds state and Portland efforts to provide health care access

9/25/12|The Oregonian|by Anne Laufe

Portland may be a long way from ending homelessness, but Jennifer Ho says the city is on the right track.

CCOs braced to deal with information-sharing hurdles

9/24/12|The Lund Report|by Kyna Rubin

The technical, cultural, and regulatory challenges to sharing patient records and standardizing clinical data across systems don’t appear to be undermining providers’ excitement about the opportunity that CCOs present for improving health

Oregon’s largest CCO ready for launch

8/31/12|Portland Business Journal|by Andy Giegerich

The state’s largest Coordinated Care Organization will officially launch its services Saturday.

Oregon health systems awarded $17 million federal grant to improve care

6/15/12|Providence Health & Services press release|by N/A

Text document

Oregon Health Authority certifies first coordinated care organizations.

5/31/12|The Bend Bulletin|by N/A

“They (FERC) are in a position to move this thing off dead center, and nobody else is,” says tribal attorney.

Portland area provider groups to serve OHP members

5/31/12|The Oregonian|by Nick Budnik

Two provider groups will compete in the Portland area to serve more than 200,000 Oregon Health Plan members following approval of new organizations at the core of the state's health care reform.

Tri-County coordinated care organization gets initial OK.

5/30/12|Portland Business Journal|by Andy Giegerich

A health care group that hopes to become the Portland area’s preeminent Medicaid services provider is close to receiving state certification.